About Us

We do understand that a visit to the grocery store can be fun! But families are often very busy enjoying lots of other things in life. Most of us complain about having to go out of our way to grocery shop, being either too tired or too busy. The fact is we still have to eat.

“I would TOTALLY pay someone to grocery shop for me!”
“Why don’t they have grocery delivery service here?”
“If I could give up one chore, it’d be grocery shopping”

The heart of our business is in the Clear Lake communities, and we also serve downtown Houston.

Busy travelers, working parents, caretakers, and ill and injured: we’re here for you! We’ve worked hard to keep things right with our customers! We’re ready to serve and appreciate your comments as well.

We’re a local small business who takes pride in providing jobs and meeting customers’ shopping needs in the community. So please don’t hesitate to reach out to us! info@thegrocerystation.com