Q: Do you offer same day delivery? A: Yes, but your delivery charge will be $15 instead of $5, and also subject to availability. Please submit your order on one of our Shop Now! pages and check the box for same day delivery. We know you’re in a hurry. We’ll coordinate with you on your needs.
Q: Which grocery stores do you serve? A: Whichever grocery store you specifiy within our service area of Clear Lake, Friendswood, Webster, Katy and surrounding Areas and Central Houston. But please call or email us if you’re not sure if we deliver to you! Especially before you make that long grocery list!
Q: What is the fee for service? A: For orders under $50, the fee is $12 per order. For orders over $50, the fee is 20% of your grocery order. There is also a $5 Delivery charge that helps with your shopper’s gas costs.
 Q: Do you offer gift certificates?A: Yes! What a great idea! To purchase one, please see the Gift Certificates page.
Q: How do you establish your prices?A: We don’t mark-up the grocery store’s prices so you pay for the groceries that the store charges us (we earn our living from our shopping fees, delivery fee, and tip). Upon delivery, we present you with a final receipt that shows the true charges and savings (if you gave us a membership card number) that the grocery store charged for your order, along with our fees and your $50 deposit credit. That final cost will be charged to your credit card.
Q: Do you accept coupons?
A: At this time, we cannot accept manufacturers coupons. We’re hoping technology and commerce catch up with themselves in a way that we could integrate this! However, some grocery stores let you actually load electronic manufacturers’ coupons right onto your memberhsip card, so that when you use it, it works the same as if you’d used a paper coupon! Check your membership card account for how to load these coupons. Then we will use grocery store membership card that you’ve provided us during your account registration upon checkout, so you’ll also receive credit for the electronic coupons you’ve loaded.
Q: What are your delivery times? A: They vary Monday through Sunday, depending on what you and your personal shopper negotiate. When you place your order, you can specify the date and time you’ll be available for delivery, and your shopper will contact you to finalize times and details. We know delays happen. But please note that because we shop for your groceries so that they’re fresh upon your arrival if you are late for your delivery, you risk that freshness! We do our best to keep items cold and frozen in the meantime, but there are no guarantees if you miss your delivery window. If you miss a delivery window, you’ll be charged a re-delivery fee of $15. So please contact us ASAP if you know you won’t make your window.
Q: Do you have a minimum order amount? A: Nope. But an order for a single pack of gelatin can get expensive!
Q: How do you select your groceries? A: Our shoppers shop at the grocery store you request. They slowly and carefully choose only the best fruit, vegetables, and other perishables for you. They understand the only way to keep customers coming back is providing them with the best groceries possible.
Q: Where do your groceries come from? A: We shop from the grocery store you designate. This ensures grocery freshness and convenience for you.
Q: Can I order groceries for someone else? A: Sure! Wherever you fill out the delivery address for is where we’ll send the groceries.
Q: I’ve just placed my order, what happens next? A: You will be contacted by phone or email by your personal shopper to agree to delivery times, and talk about any specific needs, etc.
Q: How do I cancel an order? A: To cancel your order before your delivery day, please email your personal shopper directly. Please include your name and original delivery date/time along with your cancelation request.  If you need to cancel on the same day of your delivery, you have until 3 hours before your delivery time to cancel. To do this, please call your shopper directly at 1-855-281-8222.  But if you do not cancel within the 3 hours, you will be charged a $50 restocking fee (which would forefit your $50 deposit, for first time shoppers).
Q: Can I change my order after it has been placed? A: Forgot the milk? After you have placed your order, you canchange it by emailing your deletions/additions to your personal shopper up to 1 hour before your delivery timeslot. Please be sure you reference your delivery date and time in the email subject heading so our shoppers know to find it quickly.
Q: Can I use my Grocery Store Membership Card so I can still get those discounts and rewards? A: Yes. Although we won’t have your card with us, most grocery stores allow you to present the cashier with your telephone number that is linked to your membership card. Upon check out, if you have given us a membership card number with your order, we can provide that to the cashier so that you receive proper credit. If you card is linked to your phone number, we can also use your phone number.
Q: What happens if I order an item that you are unable to find, is out of stock, or the exact size I ordered is unavailable? A: Please be sure to select whether you’ll accept substitutions on your order form. If there is no selection, we will assume we can make substitutions on your behalf.
Q: Can I get a receipt for my groceries? A: Of course! When we deliver your groceries, you will be given the actual grocery store receipt to keep. You will also sign a copy of our receipt, agreeing to the grocery charges, tip, shopping fees, and delivery fee that will be ultimately charged to your credit card. You will be emailed this final credit card charge receipt from The Grocery Station if you’d like.
Q: What if I am unsatisfied with my order? A: Please be sure you’ve reviewed your order to your satisfaction and signed the Acceptance form that lets us know that you are satisfied before we leave your home. That being said, we know mistakes happen that you can only really catch as you’re putting your groceries away. If this happens, please contact us at 1-855-281-8222 within 24 hours of your delivery to resolve the issue.
Q: Should I tip my shopper? A: This is completely up to you. Tips are not expected and certainly not required but you can bet they’re very appreciated by our shoppers! They can accept cash, or your tip can be written into your final receipt upon pick-up.
Q: How do I contest a charge on my credit card? A: If you feel there is an incorrect charge on your credit card, please contact us immediately at admin@thegrocerystation.com. We will work with you to identify the charge and settle any issues quickly.
Q: What types of payment do you accept? A: Cash, Visa, Master Card, Discover, and American Express. No checks.  PLEASE NOTE: IF YOU USE A CREDIT CARD FOR PAYMENT, YOU MUST PRESENT A CREDIT CARD AND PHOTO ID UPON DELIVERY. If you’re ordering for someone else (a student, a sick friend, etc), you are welcome to purchase a gift card online and place a grocery order for them, or have them use your gift card themselves. 
Q: My credit card got denied – I double checked the number and expiration date, and I know for sure there is enough credit on my card. What gives? A: If you entered in the number and the expiration date correctly, your card may have been denied because the billing address you supplied us with does not match the address on file with your credit card company. Some credit card companies will not authorize the transaction unless we have the correct address – it’s for your own security.
Q: What if I don’t show up to receive my groceries at all? A: If you do not show up to accept your order by the end of close of business day, and we have not heard from you, we’ve already shopped your order and we’re waiting on you. We’ll do our best to keep your items fresh until you specify a new delivery time. If we don’t hear from you at all by the end of the day, we will charge your credit card on file with your account the final amount and donate your order to a local food bank. Yes, we know this sounds extreme but at this time, we have no resources to hold your order for you overnight! (The upside of this is you’re feeding someone who needs it, AND you’d get a tax credit!).
Q: Do you sell or trade my personal information? A: No we do not. We value your privacy and ensure your information is protected and only used internally to improve your experience. Your information can only be accessed when you sign in or by request.
Q: How do I know my order is secure? A: At The Grocery Station we want you to feel safe while shopping with us. That’s why we use the THAWTE brand to verify our standing. THAWTE verifies our address and business standing for your comfort. In addition they encrypt all of your personal information, including name, address and credit card number, as it is submitted to our Webserver. Once received, your personal information is stored in our provider’s secure data center.
Q: Can I give you feedback/suggestions? A: We love to hear what you have to say about any facet of our business and encourage you to let us know any thoughts you have, good or bad, about the service that we provide. Please contact us to let us know what you’re thinking.