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The Grocery Station

Grocery Shopping & Delivery Service Houston TX

Time is more valuable than money, and Time is something you can't get back. Paul and Tara realized this in 2011 when they found themselves in the grocery aisles at times they would rather have been any place else. Living in the Clear Lake Area, if only there existed a grocery delivery service!

Grocery shopping can be fun, but it's one thing we most procrastinate about (OK, we also procrastinate about exercise). But we still have to eat! Paul and Tara saw a need, and with encouragement from family and friends, they developed their own grocery shopping and delivery service.

Tara's a control freak, so quality counts. She wanted this to be a personalized shopping experience where customers developed a relationship with their shopper, so that they would receive the same awesome customer service with every order. Our shoppers have been with us for the past several years, and actually enjoy grocery shopping (gasp!).

We've enjoyed creating jobs and developing community partnerships and have since expanded to central Houston and the Southwest Houston areas. The local media has been good to us, and we have the best customers!

Tara is a scientist at NASA Johnson Space Center. Paul is a physical therapist who owns the most awesome Valeo Physical Therapy in Clear Lake. Anna-Marie is an aspiring pastry chef 🙂 We do use our own service, but you may still run into us at the store from time-to-time when we're looking to see what's new!

From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you Houston for your support!

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